“Wa no Ichi” is an open source piece by Kaoly Asano. The piece is a great way to begin learning Kaoly’s groove style, where energy is driven by the tanden and movements. The course will also have opportunities to use your voice when learning patterns such as the Sun and Moon Phrase. These phrases, though different, are meant to play in harmony with each other; thus, this piece is also a helpful way to train yourself and your team to listen to surrounding parts and develop a stronger ability to play together.

Featured Instruments and Accessories:

Other Instruments:
1.6 Mark Miyoshi Okedo (tan)

Course Resources include:

  • Wa no Ichi Study Guide PDF
  • Wa no Ichi Structure Chart PDF
“Update 8/7/2020:
On p. 14, Rhythm Second set should read as:
Rhythm Second Set is [4 Moon Phrases + Magic Word + 4 Sun Phrases]. Previous version said Renda Round instead of Sun Phrase”

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