Taiko-Tailored Workouts
with Emily Harada - register today for sessions on Saturday July 11th (Naname-focus) and Saturday July 28th (Yoko Uchi-focus)
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New Course!
Wa no Ichi - with Kaoly Asano
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kaDON TimbreTaiko
Limited time $30 discount. Use code: "STAYCONNECTED" at checkout. Also, two-payment plan now available.
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Now Available - New exclusive content from this renown taiko school in Japan
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kaDON Live
Weekly live updates on Youtube
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New Course
Ji Patterns & Improvisation
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Team Pricing
Empower your taiko group or ensemble with kaDON’s team pricing
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Utah Taiko Experience
Postponed to 2021 - A first-of-its-kind taiko nature retreat, planned to heal, inspire, build, connect, and share.
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New Course! Yataibayashi
Learn one of the more popular taiko pieces around with Kaoru Watanabe!
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