JI GOE - Your Natural Sound
with Aki Takahashi. Starts Saturday September 5th, 1:00 p.m. Eastern
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New Course
Shogo's Approach to Fue
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TaikoIN’ Body Awareness
with Eri Uchida - Access to all recordings can still be registered and are available until 9/30/2020
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Taiko-Tailored Workouts
with Emily Harada - August Access For All Taiko Workout Recordings Available to View and Purchase Through 8/31/2020
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New Course!
Learn the piece "Wa no Ichi" with Kaoly Asano. Comes with practice guide, study tools, and one free lesson!
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kaDON TimbreTaiko
Practice anytime, anywhere! Two-payment plan now available. We ship internationally.
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Hibikus Contents
New exclusive contents now available from Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten's Hibikus Taiko School.
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Improvise with Ji
Ji Improvisation Course with Kenny Endo
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Team Pricing
Empower your taiko group or ensemble with kaDON’s team pricing
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Utah Taiko Experience
Postponed to 2021
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Learn this popular taiko piece with Kaoru Watanabe. Great workout for mind and body!
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