kaDON TimbreTaiko

Practice Anytime, Anywhere! (電子和太鼓 Electronic Taiko)

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The kaDON TimbreTaiko ( “TAM-ber Taiko” ) is a digital drum pad that empowers technical improvement anytime, anywhere. With 8 preset Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten taiko tones recorded by two of Japan’s most esteemed taiko artists, Shogo Yoshii and Taishi Yamabe, the kaDON TimbreTaiko combines realistic bounce back with the warmth and natural resonance of the best taiko in the world. Master your timbre on the Shime, Nagado, various Okedo, and Odaiko with immediate feedback via headphones or external speakers. With this electronic taiko drum pad (電子和太鼓), you can record and export your musical stroke of genius into your favorite Digital Audio Workstation via USB MIDI and share your inspiration across the global taiko community!


Improve anytime, anywhere!
Empower your creativity with the full force of an entire taiko ensemble at your bachi tips
Share your exported MIDI files with friends, collaborators and the global taiko community

presets capturing the rich tones of over 150 years of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten ’ s craftsmanship


• 4.0 Ohira Taiko
• 1.4 & 1.8 Nagado Taiko
• 1.6 Katsugi Okedo Taiko
• 1.8 Okejime Taiko
• Hane Byoshi Taiko (High-pitched Okedo) •Ji Byoshi Taiko (Bass sound Okedo)
• Shime Taiko (3 Cho)


•Connects to headphones or external speakers •Connects to most Digital Audio Workstations •USB MIDI in/out

See User Manual


PRICE: $450 + Shipping

Two-payment plan now available. Contact info@kaDON.com for info.

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Check out the sample tones here.