kaDON began the way many great ventures begin – as a simple idea amongst three close friends. Yoshi, Aya and Shoji, at an undisclosed location somewhere in Los Angeles, collectively wondered:

What would happen if we were able to provide the taiko community unlimited access to the best taiko instruction in the world?

Since its launch in 2014, kaDON has grown in both ambition and impact while staying true to the original mission. We’ve offered more online courses taught by an expanding list of the world’s most highly respected artists. We’ve made the world’s best instruments more accessible through innovative payment options like kaDON TaikoPay. And we’ve been traveling the globe to support and run taiko events everywhere, turning digital connections into a worldwide community around a shared love of the artform. To help support this growth, we’ve also expanded our operations to include two awesome teammates – Jason and Diana.

kaDON team photo


Our instructional courses and repertoire are taught by the world’s most respected taiko artists: Kenny Endo, Shoji Kameda, Kaoru Watanabe, Shogo Yoshii, PJ Hirabayashi, Kaoly Asano, and Leonard Eto. We believe that no matter where you live, players should have access to the world’s top instruction in order to improve technique across multiple taiko-related instruments and playing styles.


kaDON believes in the power of human connection. We build community by supporting taiko gatherings across the globe including (but not limited to) the North American Taiko Conference, European Taiko Conference and Taikopalooza. We organize unique taiko experiences like the kaDON Retreat and assist with bespoke workshop tour coordination. Through our shared repertoire like PJ’s “Ei Ja Nai Ka”, Shoji’s “Ready, Set, kaDON” or Kaoru’s “Prism”, we provide opportunities to both learn a song in the comfort of your own home and then perform that song anywhere in the world with other kaDON subscribers. We believe that nothing connects us more deeply and directly than sharing the stage together.


kaDON is powered by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten of Asakusa, Tokyo, the official instrument maker for the Emperor of Japan for over 90 years. We are committed to increasing access to Miyamoto’s premier instruments which embody over 150 years of tried-and-true handmade craftsmanship. We’ve launched kaDON TaikoPay, a zero-interest monthly financing program to help players around the world access these instruments and we are constantly innovating on product design and new instrument ideas (like the kaDON Clamp or the *NEW* kaDON TimbreTaiko!). We are also incredibly resourceful – if you don’t see a product listed in our online store, email us and we’ll likely be able to track it down!

We invite you to find your path to Empowerment!