kaDON LIVE Community: “From Body to Taiko” – A Roadtrip with 4LL

Workshop Description In this two-week series, you will travel with the 4 Loco Ladies (“4LL”) through their varied experiences and approaches. The first four classes will each be led by a single loco lady, who will share her expertise with … Continued

kaDON LIVE | The Art of Kabuki Bayashi with Saburo Mochizuki

Dive into the Art of Kabuki Bayashi with taiko legend Saburo Mochizuki.

kaDON LIVE: Katsugi Basics – Finding Your Groove with Eri Uchida

Instructor: Originally from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Eri Uchida was a member of KODO for ten years. In addition to performing locally and internationally with the world-renowned organization, Eri also directed school presentations and facilitate several workshops for visitors from within … Continued

kaDON Classroom: Yataibayashi with Coach Diana Wu

Have you been thinking about subscribing to kaDON, but you’re just not sure when you’d use it? Or are you subscribed to kaDON, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to go through some of the great courses on … Continued

kaDON LIVE Community: Skills, Drills and a Little Bit of Lunacy with Lucy Thomas

Lucy has been playing taiko for 10 years and is an instructor at Kagemusha Taiko’s Taiko Centre in Devon, England where she teaches regular classes and workshops. Lucy is also a performing member of Tano Taiko and Kagemusha Taiko. Over … Continued

kaDON Practice Party!

Are you craving some fun, casual practice time with your taiko friends from across the globe? kaDON Practice Party is just what you are looking for! Join Diana to practice your favorite kaDON pieces while you connect with fellow subscribers! … Continued

kaDON LIVE Concert Series: OTO GA TATSU | THE SOUND LIVES: Concert Series with Kaoru Watanabe and World Guests

ABOUT THE CONCERT SERIES Note: All sessions will be recorded and distributed to registrants within 1-2 days of each session. Recordings will be available for access for one month after the last session. OTO GA TATSU | The Sound Lives … Continued

kaDON Live: Find Your Taiko Breathing with Earth Gravity – Shogo Yoshii

Workshop Description RESCHEDULED TO JANUARY 2021 – See new dates below All classes will be recorded and distributed to registrants within 1-2 days of each session. Recordings will be available for access for one month after the last session. Join … Continued

Taiko-Tailored Workouts with Emily Harada – Jan/Feb 2021

Join the kaDON team for these 60-minute workouts led by Emily Harada! Emily has been playing taiko for over 20 years with Ho Etsu Taiko, and served as a trainee with Taiko Center of the Pacific and Somei Taiko in … Continued

Introduction to Edo Bayashi with Eien Hunter-Ishikawa

Instructor Profile Eien Hunter-Ishikawa is a musician, educator, and composer specializing in taiko, shinobue, and percussion. Recognized for his musicianship and versatility, he integrates his background of jazz, Western percussion, and traditional Japanese music to create an original and inventive … Continued

kaDON LIVE Community Series: Tucson Ondo

Workshop Description Since first performing at the 2005 finale of Tucson’s iconic All Souls Procession (ASP), Odaiko Sonora has expanded its role, eventually creating an obon-style team of drums, fue and dancers at the front of the Procession, with people … Continued

kaDON LIVE Concert Series: Haruka & Akira – A two-part concert with Kaoru Watanabe

  Photo by Max Whittaker Artist Profile Composer and musician Kaoru Watanabe grounds his performance in traditional Japanese music while inhabiting a startling combination of musical worlds. He is renowned for his ability to collaborate with a diverse array of … Continued

JI GOE – Exploring Your Natural Sound with Aki Takahashi

Artist Profile Aki Takahashi (aka. TEN TEN) is a taiko, shamisen player and folk singer based in Toronto, Canada. She studied traditional folk music in Kyoto, and has given shamisen and vocal performances at numerous venues and events. Since 2003, … Continued

TaikoIN’ Body Awareness with Eri Uchida

Join the kaDON team for this special 4-part workshop series led by Eri Uchida! Eri was a performing member of Kodo for 10 years. In addition to performances, she also oversaw activities and training for incoming Kodo apprentices and facilitated … Continued