New Hibikus Course: Three Drills with Kunihiro Kawahara

  [三つ打ちの基本] In these drills, Hibikus instructor Kunihiro Kawahara introduces the basics of mitsuuchi: the “sound,” “how to strike” and “how to practice.” Mitsuuchi, or horse beat, is one of the most essential rhythms used in the taiko repertoire of … Continued

New Hibikus Course: Irozome

This song is inspired by Japan’s festival music (matsuri bayashi), and incorporates rhythms that remind Maya of the joyful and pleasant feelings as well as the excitement she feels whenever she is at a festival. The lessons focus on nagado … Continued

kaDON Practice Party!

Are you craving some fun, casual practice time with your taiko friends from across the globe? kaDON Practice Party is just what you are looking for! Join Diana to practice your favorite kaDON pieces while you connect with fellow subscribers! … Continued