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Stage Presence & Transitions

Lesson 1 – Walking
Kaoru Watanabe

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates his approach to walking on stage and with an instrument.

Bachi Explained

Shoji Kameda

Everything you ever wanted to know about taiko bachi in one video!


Lesson 2 – Yama Movement
Shoji Kameda

In this lesson Shoji demonstrates the 'Yama' movement which is one of the core elements of the piece Omiyage.

Exploring Katsugi

Lesson 2 – Roping, Tightening and Maintenance
Leonard Eto

In this lesson, Leonard walks you through choosing the correct sides for the skin, how to rope and tighten your katsugi and how to care for your precious instrument

Fue Fundamentals 2

Lesson 3 – Scale Exercise Variations
Kaoru Watanabe

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates different variations of the scale exercise and gives us tools to create our own variation of this useful drill.

Introduction to Yoko Uchi

Lesson 3 – Hachijo Rhythms
Shogo Yoshii

What was taught in Lessons 1 and 2 are put into action by using the phrases from Hachijo Taiko. History of Hachijo Island and Hachijo Taiko is also explained in detail.

Taiko Fundamentals

Lesson 3: Working with a Metronome
Kaoru Watanabe

In this lesson Kaoru leads us through working with a metronome and being able to play whole notes through 32nd notes with good form.

Taiko Set

Lesson 4 – Triplet Combination
Kenny Endo

In this lesson Kenny demonstrates different alternating triplet combinations that are useful for playing taiko set.

Intermediate Shime

Lesson 4 – Hogaku Techniques
Kenny Endo

In this lesson Kenny demonstrates various patterns and techniques used in hogaku that are useful on the shime.

Chappa Basics

Lesson 5 – Buzz Sounds
Shoji Kameda

In this lesson Shoji introduces the three different buzz sounds found on the chappa and introduces different ways to use the paradiddle variations to practice these sounds.

Yoko Uchi Soloing

Lesson 8 – Moving From the Core
Kaoru Watanabe

In this lesson Kaoru focuses on rotating from the core and making sure the movement is happening from the core.


Lesson 13 – Full Performance of 2nd Movement
Shoji Kameda

In this lesson Shoji demonstrates the arrangement of the 2nd Movement of Omiyage.

Naname Basics

Lesson 5 – su DON su DON DON
Shoji Kameda

In this lesson Shoji uses su DON phrases to start exploring the different ways we can move through space while playing naname.

kaDON Bayashi

Lesson 2 – Shinobue Melody A
Kaoru Watanabe

In this lesson, Kaoru teaches the melody A part for Shinobue.

Odaiko Basics

Lesson 5 – Ji Patterns
Kenny Endo

In this lesson Kenny Endo introduces five ji patterns for the odaiko.

Lion Chant

Lesson 1 – Yatai
Shoji Kameda

In this first lesson in the Lion Chant series, instructor Shoji Kameda gives an overview of the piece and teaches the Yatai.

Ready, Set, kaDON!

Lesson 7 – Chu2 Arrangement Part 1
Shoji Kameda

In this lesson Shoji teaches the first half of the arrangement for the Chu2 part.

Fue Fundamentals

Lesson 6 – Breathing
Kaoru Watanabe

Kaoru teaches several breathing exercises and expands on the Long Tone Exercises introduced in Lesson 5.

Intro to Shime Daiko

Lesson 1 – Basic Terminology
Kenny Endo

Kenny Endo goes over the basic terminology for the shime daiko.

Beta Basics

Lesson 4 – The Five Point Stroke
Shoji Kameda

Shoji breaks down the movement of hitting the taiko into five points.