Introducing kaDON TaikoPay – kaDON’s Recurring Payment Plan

Have you ever wished you could own your own taiko or add more to your existing collection? Have you ever dreamed of the many possibilities you could achieve if you could afford more taiko? We heard you and we’ve come up with an affordable way for you to access your potential!

What is kaDON TaikoPay?

We are offering a recurring monthly payment plan for those who wish to purchase item(s) valued at over $500. Depending on the amount, we offer a 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year (for item valued over $2,000) payment plan.

How does kaDON TaikoPay Work?

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, please e-mail us at with the item(s) of your interest. Remember, the item does not necessarily have to be listed on our online store – we have access to the entire Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten catalog! We will set up a payment schedule for your review, and once approved, we will setup the recurring payment. You will only need to pay a 20% down payment (or more if you like) of the total invoice and sign an agreement to get started!

Is there any interest charges added?

There is no interest charge! All we add is a 3.75% fee to cover our payment processing charges to your invoice total. Invoice total includes the value of the merchandise as well as any shipping charges, and sales tax if you reside in California.

E-mail us today and get started!

Examples of kaDON TaikoPay:

Own a premium quality Shime Daiko for as low as $96/mo or a Nagado Taiko for as low as $145/mo!

Shime Daiko
Bolted, 2-chogake
Katsugi Okedo
Neiro Nagado Taiko
Item Price1 $1,350.00 $1,450.00 $4,100.00
Shipping Charge (US)2 $35.95 $60.95 $95.95
Total $1,385.95 $1,510.95 $4,195.95
3.57% Payment Processing Fee3 $51.97 $56.66 $157.35
Total Invoice $1,437.92 $1,567.61 $4,353.30
20% Down Payment4 $287.58 $451.51 $870.66
Remaining Balance $1,150.34 $1,806.04 $3,482.64

Recurring Monthly Payment

6-month Plan $191.72/mo $209.01/mo $580.44/mo
12-month Plan $95.86/mo $104.51/mo $290.22/mo
18-month Plan n/a n/a $193.48/mo
24-month Plan n/a n/a $145.11/mo

1 California resident: Add 9.5% CA Sales Tax on the Item Price. Price and tax rate current as of January 2019

2 Estimated domestic US shipping charge. Insurance may be additional. Exact amount to be determined using actual delivery address. Please inquire about International shipping

3 3.75% Processing Fee applies to recurring credit card payments. This fee is waived if you opt for recurring bank draft/ACH payments (currently available for US residents only)

4 Down payment and a signed agreement is required prior to order processing and/or shipment

* Information accurate as of March 1, 2019