Course-Related FAQs

We offer a Monthly Plan and an Annual Plan.  Monthly Plan is $19.99/month and Annual Plan is available at $191.88/year paid in advance, at a 20% discount rate from the Monthly Plan.  Both plans give you an option to turn auto-renew On or Off.
We do not offer a group subscription plan at the moment. We want to focus on the individual subscription base by keeping things simple and open to as many people as possible.  We have based our model around keeping the individual subscription at an affordable level.  We ask that you encourage other members in your group to subscribe themselves! Help us spread the word as the more subscribers support kaDON, the more material we are able to generate! Also having members of your group subscribe themselves will allow you to guide them through learning the piece more quickly!
The monthly (30 days) or annual (365 days) subscription starts on the day you sign up.  You can set your subscription to auto-renew at the end of your subscription period or you can turn this setting to Off, as you see fit.
We currently have course previews for all of our courses, and we will be releasing some lesson videos on YouTube soon so that people can see what a lesson looks like.  The subscription discount is offered for annual sign-ups at the moment (20% off paid up front) and we are keeping our monthly subscription at an affordable level ($19.99/month).  You have access to any and all lessons we’ve uploaded so far and to those we upload during your subscription period.

As a kaDON subscriber, you may absolutely teach the drills, songs and techniques and what you learn through kaDON within your own group, in a non-professional manner. The only thing we restrict is we ask that you do not teach kaDON material in a commercial manner (e.g. teach kaDON material in workshops or classes that you get paid for). If you would like to teach kaDON material commercially, we can make arrangement for you to do so if you contact us at

As a kaDON subscriber, you may perform what you learn through kaDON!

Under many lesson videos, you will find a link “Lesson Resources (zip)” where you can find the resources you are looking for.  Click on the Lesson Resources (zip) link and it should download automatically.  Lesson Resources are usually released after each course has been released in its entirety only because it takes a bit longer to put them all together.  Currently, the Lesson Resources are available for Beta Basics, Intro to Shime Daiko, and Fue Fundamentals.  Lion Chant resources will be uploaded very soon!
No, the videos are not downloadable and will require an internet connection to stream.
Kenny Endo uses Ho (magnolia) or Hinoki (cypress) bachi sized at 32cm long, 18mm diameter.  These are both available at our online store (
Please e-mail us at and we will get your questions answered by the instructor or one of the kaDON staff!   Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. Since launching kaDON, we’ve also had several Skype or Google+ Hangout based consultations with group leaders.  We want to make it a point to be accessible and to help you in anyway we can 🙂
Please Sign-In to your account, go to Account, click on Profile and you will be able to update your password, credit card and address information.
We hate to see you go!  If you have your subscription set to Auto-Renewal, you are able to cancel your subscription any time and your access will end at the end of your current subscription period.  Please Sign-In to your account, go to Account, click on Subscriptions to unsubscribe.

Online Store FAQs

We do ship internationally! However the shipping rates will be different. Please email for international shipping information.

Our shipping charge for Hawaii would be the same as any other address in the US.  Each item on our online store has a specific shipping charge associated with it.  Please check out and click on the item you’d like to see the shipping charge for that item.
It depends on your size and your playing style. The standard is Chudaiko Kashi (oak) Bachi 42cm/8.0.  Shoji is a little smaller than average and likes a lighter bachi so he uses 42cm/7.5 bachi.  If you are a bit bigger or like that heftier feel then go with Chudaiko Kashi Bachi 42cm/8.5.  Maple Chudaiko Bachi come in the same sizes.  Maple is lighter than oak but gives good striking force.

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