Prism is an advanced level informed by Kaoru’s deep study and appreciation of Jazz. Every pattern is an exploration of texture, rhythm, subdivisions and phrasing. In this course Kaoru takes us through each line of this unique piece and gives us an incredible amount of information along the way that will deepen our understanding of rhythm and widen our ideas of what kinds of subdivision and phrases are possible in taiko composition.

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Prism – Lesson 1: Demonstration and Discussion 05:50

In this lesson Kaoru talks about his influences in writing this piece and demonstrates the basic phrases.

Prism – Lesson 2: Rhythm Breakdown (triplets and sixteenths) 21:51

In this lesson Kaoru breaks down how to switch between triplet, sixteenth and thirty-second notes.

Prism – Lesson 3: Rhythm Breakdown (quintuplets) 16:49

In this lesson Kaoru introduces the idea of breaking down a beat into multiples of 5 and other subdivisions from 1-8.

Prism – Lesson 4: Rhythm Breakdown (DON tetedo kadodokakado) 09:34

Kaoru continues the concepts of using different subdivision to tackle one of the trickiest phrases of Prism.

Prism – Lesson 5: Rhythm Breakdown (off-beat accents) 09:48

In this lesson we continue to a section of the piece that features accenting on the off-beats of the a 16th note subdivision.

Prism – Lesson 6: Last phrases, Dynamics and Timbre 21:13

In this lesson Kaoru finishes up with the last two phrases of the piece and talks abouts dynamics and timbre of the phrases we’ve learn up to this point.

Prism – Lesson 7: Improvisation Part 1 17:58

In this lesson Kaoru talks about approaches to the first improvisation section of the piece.

Prism – Lesson 8: Improvisation Part 2 06:15

In this lesson Kaoru introduces how to approach the second improvisational section of Prism.

Prism – Lesson 9: Improvisation Part 3 11:39

In this lesson Kaoru goes over the last improvisational section of the piece and how we might approach it.

Prism – Lesson 10: Performance of Prism 09:18

In this Lesson Kaoru is joined by Fumi and they demonstrate a duet performance of Prism from start to finish.

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