Taiko master Kenny Endo teaches basic shime technique and patterns in this entry level series.

Featured Instruments:


Course Resources Include:

  • Cascara 1 MP3
  • Cascara 2 MP3
  • Cascara Combination MP3
  • Double Paradiddle MP3
  • Dynamic Exercise 2 MP3
  • Dynamic Exercise MP3
  • Hogaku no Shichome MP3
  • kaDON Introductionto Shime Daiko Glossary PDF
  • Kinjishi MP3
  • Mikoshi Bayashi and Hogaku no Shichome MP3
  • Mikoshi Bayashi MP3
  • Paradiddle Combination MP3
  • Samba 1 MP3
  • Samba 2 Exercise MP3
  • Samba 2 MP3
  • Samba Combination MP3
  • Samba Jam MP3
  • Shichome no Ji and Yatai no Ji MP3
  • Shichome no Ji MP3
  • Single Double and Triple Paraddile MP3
  • Single Paradiddle MP3
  • Triple Paradiddle MP3
  • Yatai no Ji MP3

Course Resources

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Course Lessons