In this introductory course, taiko legend Leonard Eto teaches the ins and outs of Katsugi Okedo from its history to the development of the modern playing style, roping and maintenance to step-by-step lessons on how to play the Katsugi Okedo while controlling and becoming one with taiko.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 1 – Introduction 7:32

In this lesson, Leonard talks about his philosophy and focus on this course, structure of the instrument, the history and its evolvement to the modern style of playing.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 2 – Roping, Tightening and Maintenance 14:06 Free Lesson

In this lesson, Leonard walks you through choosing the correct sides for the skin, how to rope and tighten your katsugi and how to care for your precious instrument

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 3 – Basic Kamae – Body Positioning 13:52

In this lesson, Leonard will talk about the position of the strap, bachi size and type, how to hold the bachi, Kamae, and basic right hand and left hand strokes.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 4 – Front Stroke & Three Tones 13:34

In this lesson, Leonard will cover the front side stroke and introduce three different tones that you can use in combination.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 5 – DON DOKO Groove Variations 10:29

In this lesson, Leonard introduces to you how to create a groove utilizing the different tones you learned in the preceding lessons. He also gives pointers on how to play and walk at the same time.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 6 – Back Side Stroke 11:09

In this lesson, Leonard focuses on the back side stroke including the foot work to control the Okedaiko, grip switching, and crossover playing basics.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 7 – Pattern A 12:57

In this lesson, Leonard will start introducing a pattern that involves playing on both sides of the Okedaiko along with lots of tips on controlling the body to become one with taiko, bachi grip change and more!

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 8 – Pattern B 11:02

In this lesson, Leonard will introduce another pattern that involves playing on both sides of the Okedaiko in a faster tempo continuing with more useful of tips to become a better Katsugi player!

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 9 – Combining Patterns A + B + Ending 12:44

In this lesson, Leonard walks you through combining the two patterns he taught in Lessons 7 and 8. He gives you more useful pointers on how to control your body and taiko.

Exploring Katsugi – Lesson 10 – Expanding Pattern A & B 11:28

In this final lesson, Leonard introduces another fun pattern to incorporate into the string of patterns you’ve learned so far. He also reviews the overall course at the end and sends an important message as you go off to explore your own taiko journey.