‘Danran’ means ‘something circular’, as well as ‘gathering happily with people close to you.’

Taiko has a circular hitting surface, and this song comes from the wish to gather around it and have fun playing with the people we love. There aren’t many intricate parts – it is a simple song in which everyone plays the same phrases together, except for the person keeping the base rhythm.

Although some phrases may feel challenging for some, the song is designed so that everyone can play it to the end with a sense of belonging. Less experienced players can rely on more experienced players during tricky parts, as everything is played in unison. You can play the entire song at a slower tempo or bring it up a notch by making interesting arrangements in sections. Feel free to rearrange the piece and come up with your own ideas for Danran. Be sure to enjoy some happy ‘Danran’ time while playing this song together!

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