In this course instructor Shoji Kameda teaches the basics of Chappa, one of his favorite instruments. Chappa is a very versatile instrument that can help expand the tonal range of any ensemble.

Featured Instruments:

Course Resources Include:

  • Chappa Lesson Resources DOCX
  • Lesson 5 Chi Chaz Exercise MP3
  • Lesson 5 Middle Buzz Paradiddle Exercise MP3
  • Lesson 6 3rd Gear Chi Chaz Exercise MP3
  • Lesson 6 3rd Gear Paradiddle Exercise MP3
  • Lesson 7 Chan Zip Zip Exercises MP3
  • Lesson 8 Swung Ji Exercises MP3
  • Lesson 9 Matsuri Ji ExercisesMP3
  • Lesson 10 DON DOKO Ji Exercises MP3

Course Resources

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Course Lessons