In this course Kaoru Watanabe teaches intermediate and advanced techniques on the Fue.

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Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 1 – Review 11:04

In this lesson Kaoru reviews the three basic exercises from Fue Fundamentals and stresses the importance of these fundamental exercises.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 2 – Long Tone Exercises 9:53

In this lesson Kaoru expands on and deepens the Long Tone exercise with two different variations.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 3 – Scale Exercise Variations 9:49 Free Lesson

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates different variations of the scale exercise and gives us tools to create our own variation of this useful drill.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 4 – Vibrato 7:44

In this course Kaoru demonstrates and talks about the importance of vibrato in shinobue playing.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 5 – Throat Tuning 16:59

In this lesson Kaoru teaches the concept of throat tuning and how this concept can improve your fue sound.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 6 – Whistle Tones 8:46

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates whistle tones why we should practice them and how they can be applied musically.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 7 – Ear Training and Transcribing 14:42

In this lesson Kaoru discusses the value of ear training and transcribing solos.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 8 – Ear Training Part 2 15:16

In this lesson Kaoru takes us through more ear training exercises and gives us different techniques to help develop our ability to transcribe melodies.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 9 – Ear Training Part 3 14:08

In this lesson Kaoru goes even further into ear training and working with pentatonic scales.

Fue Fundamentals 2 – Lesson 10 – Expression With the Shinobue 12:53

In this lesson Kaoru explains the importance of language and expression for understanding the nuances of shinobue playing.

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