Omiyage is one of the most popular taiko compositions in North America. The dynamic movements and rhythms of Omiyage make it a lot of fun to learn and perform. In this extended course we’ll learn the entire composition and spend in depth time on the core rhythmic and movement concepts of the piece. This course assumes no prior knowledge of Omiyage and also contains many insights that will be useful for experienced Omiyage players.

Featured Instruments:


Course Resources Include:

  • Omiyage Chudaiko 2nd Movement XLSX
  • Omiyage kaDON Course Lesson Resources XLSX
  • Omiyage Odaiko 1st Movement_ The Calling XLSX
  • Omiyage Practice 2nd Movement MP3
  • Omiyage Practice Full Arrangement MP3
  • Omiyage Shime_Okedo 1st Movement_ The Calling XLSX
  • Omiyage Shime_Okedo 2nd Movement XLSX

Course Lessons