Instructor Shoji Kameda teaches basic beta technique and patterns on the chudaiko in this entry level series.

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Beta Basics – Lesson 1 – Basic Terminology and Concepts 10:46

Shoji Kameda goes over the basic terminology of the taiko and introduces the idea of playing from the relaxed “exhaled” state.

Beta Basics – Lesson 2 – Kamae 12:31

Shoji teaches how to prepare your body and get into position to play the taiko.

Beta Basics – Lesson 3 – Open Hand Technique 10:07

Shoji teaches how to hold the batchi and introduces the Open Hand Technique.

Beta Basics – Lesson 4 – The Five Point Stroke 17:10 Free Lesson

Shoji breaks down the movement of hitting the taiko into five points.

Beta Basics – Lesson 5 – Basic Kata / Oroshi 10:49

Shoji teaches two fundamental exercises Basic Kata and Oroshi.

Beta Basics – Lesson 6 – Catch Down / Tap Up 12:26

Shoji introduces the Catch Down / Tap Up technique used to transition between playing loud to soft or soft to loud.

Beta Basics – Lesson 7 – DOROtsuku 10:22

Shoji expands on the Catch Down / Tap Up technique and begins teaching the two beat combinations made possible from DON tsuku and DOROtsuku.

Beta Basics – Lesson 8 – DON kara DORO kara 9:48

Shoji applies the Catch Down / Tap Up technique to play the “ka” sound in a controlled way and further expands on the possible two beat combinations.

Beta Basics – Lesson 9 – Expanding the Phrases 13:00

Shoji expands on the two beat combinations learned in Lessons 6-8 to create longer phrases.

Beta Basics – Lesson 10 – Next Steps 14:49

Shoji Kameda further expands on the phrases teaches some of the basic patterns for Ready, Set, kaDON! a piece based on the basic combinations used in this series.

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