Every teacher, every performer, and every master has a different way of playing taiko. In this course, Kaoru Watanabe shares his insights on basic taiko playing fundamentals gained over decades of study and performance.

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Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 1: Basic Body Position and Strikes 23:46

In this lesson Kaoru goes over his basic philosophy including body position and striking the drum.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 2: Continuing with Single Hits 15.06

In this lesson Kaoru works on single hits using the basic fundamentals covered in Lesson 1.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 3: Working with a Metronome 18:22 Free Lesson

In this lesson Kaoru leads us through working with a metronome and being able to play whole notes through 32nd notes with good form.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 4: Don DoKo 11:30

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates how to play Don DoKo and how to practice this pattern so that it isn’t downbeat heavy.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 5: DOROtsuku 6:52

In this lesson Kaoru continues by demonstrating the pattern DOROtsuku and gives tips on what to look for to improve your technique when playing this pattern.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 6: Shagiri 7:38

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates the pattern Shagiri.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 7: Shoulder Mechanics 13:30

In this lesson Kaoru talks about the importance of being aware of one’s shoulders.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 8: The Unbendable Arm 8:23

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates the concept of the unbendable arm which illustrates the importance of body position and relaxation.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 9: Alternative Hits 17:18

In this lesson Kaoru introduces more advanced ways to generate the the striking motion.

Taiko Fundamentals – Lesson 10: Bringing Everything Together 10:17

In this lesson, Kaoru teaches how he helps students mark their progress with a specific training regiment taking them through the ji patterns used throughout this course.

Course Resources

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