What is a Team Plan and How Does it Work?

Team Plans empower your taiko group or ensemble to access kaDON’s course content at a discounted rate of up to 37.5% off! They are available for 3-month or 12-month durations and require a minimum of 5 members. Team Plans are administered and self-managed by a Plan Manager, or somebody in your group who will be the primary coordinator of your plan. This self-management structure allows for maximum flexibility. You can add an unlimited number of members to your Team Plan. 

This plan is a GREAT solution for groups who run taiko classes and want to use kaDON as a teaching resource. Contact us at info@kadon.com if you have questions about onboarding your taiko class participants to your Team Plan. 

Managing Your Team Plan as a Plan Manager

  • Log in to kaDON.com and go to ACCOUNT
  • Click “Profile” to edit your Team name
  • Click “Subscriptions” for a summary of your Team plan
  • From “Subscriptions”, click the “Manage members” link to add members, remove members, or purchase additional seats. Your initial purchase includes 5 seats, including the Plan Manager.

Invite your Team Members by sending them the unique link provided.  You have the option to require the Plan Manager’s approval before new Team Members can join your Team Plan.

The Plan Manager can purchase additional seats for your Team Plan at any time. The 6th member and beyond is offered an even deeper discount, according to this schedule:


  • Annual Team Plan: 
    • Initial 5 Members priced at $13.99 (30% discount) per seat. 
    • 6th Member and beyond priced at $12.50 (37.5% discount) per seat.


  • 3-Month Team Plan 
    • Initial 5 Members priced at $17.99 (10% discount) per seat. 
    • 6th Member and beyond priced at $16.50 (17.5% discount) per seat.


Depending on when you purchase the additional seats, the total charge will be pro-rated based on how much time is left before the next renewal date on your base subscription. On the next renewal date, the full seat price will be added to the total renewal price.


Team Members can voluntarily leave a team via the Subscriptions tab in their own account at any time. The seat will then return to the Plan Manager’s total seats allowed on your Team Plan. If a Member leaves before the plan’s expiration, the Plan Manager can re-assign the seat to somebody else.