Neiro Shime Daiko

This new installment in our “Neiro” series offers a high-pitch timbre specifically designed for kumidaiko or ensemble taiko playing.

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– Specially engineered shime skins (29mm thick rim, equivalent to a gochogake shime daiko)

– Premium quality Japanese Honkeyaki body (8-sun/24cm)

– Tighten the bolts to your preference to achieve a mid-tone, warm sound or a high pitch shime sound that can stand out in any ensemble

– Our innovative Triangle Stand features a simple design, collapsible and compact storage. Height from floor to drum head center is 80cm (31.5”) and is adjustable with leather straps (casters included)

Triangle Stand Assembly Manual


See it (and hear it) in action…

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About the Neiro Series

Amazing craftsmanship and a beautiful tone are the hallmarks of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten’s Neiro Series. The Neiro Series is made with the needs of the taiko professional in mind. Each drum body is carved from a single piece of keyaki, the highest quality and most sought after wood for taiko. The drum bodies are air dried for 3 to 5 years then lathe turned to perfection. The skins are of the highest quality and naturally processed using traditional methods (no chemicals used) to preserve a warm tone and natural color.