April 10, 2020 kaDON Live Updates

1. Weekly LIVE updates from kaDON at 12:30 PM PDT for about 10 minutes. Videos will be reposted on Youtube, Facebook, and newsletter with the referenced links.

2. Livestream workout with Emily Harada, licensed athletic trainer and Ho Etsu Taiko member. Details coming soon!

3. kaDON TimbreTaiko

  1. Purchase Link: https://kadon.com/kadon-timbretaiko/
  2. Coupon Code STAYCONNECTED for $30 off
  3. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2641853856043889/
  4. Great for practicing to a track and a course and simultaneously hearing what you’re playing
  5. Enhances listening skills and appreciation for good sound

4. Kaoru Watanabe Home Concert through Silkroad on their Facebook and Instagram (@silkroadproject) Thursday 4/16 – 12:00 PM EDT (eastern) More info here: https://www.silkroad.org/calendar/4-10-20

5. Kenny Endo’s new course: Ji Patterns and Improvisation on kaDON.com.
30-day gift subscription: https://kadon.memberful.com/gift?plan=46143 Coupon Code: STAYCONNECTED More instructions below!

6. Welcoming our brand-new kaDON instructor: Kaoly Gocoo Asano Asano! We’ll be sharing her journey through series of pictures and videos on Facebook through the month of April!

7. #PoweredbyYOU – everything is only made possible through the things that YOU do whether it’s subscribing, following us on social media, supporting our instructors, having a go at our new products. The energy you share with us circles back to you in more content and resources for the community. Thank you!

8. #stayhomewithkaDON – new hashtag to allow everyone to share with everybody how folks have been using kaDON resources at home and perhaps share ideas on utilizing the courses, or connect with someone who might be studying the same course at the moment. Or even share with us the products that you’re currently using at home to continue with practice.

Instructions on how to activate your STAYCONNECTED 30 Day Gift Subscription:

After clicking https://kadon.memberful.com/gift?plan=46143, follow these steps to set up your kaDON account:

STEP 1: Enter your name and email address. Click “Payment Information”

STEP 2: Enter STAYCONNECTED . Click “Apply”

STEP 3: Plan should reflect: $0.00 Check the little box. Click “Place your order”

STEP 4: You should receive an email with the following subject line. If you cannot locate it, please check your spam folder or search your inbox using search term “Activate”

STEP 5: Click “Activate your gift” and proceed in creating your own kaDON account!#PoweredbyYOU #stayhomewithkaDON #kadontaiko #stayconnected #miyamotounosuke Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten (宮本卯之助商店)