Hello Taiko People! We’re launching a truly global video project alongside the upcoming release of Shoji’s latest song, “Worldwide Matsuri”, and we need your help! The idea goes something like this: we send you a short scratch track of the song, you film yourself doing something taiko-related* to the track, we cut short clips from everybody’s amazing submissions and compile the micro-clips into a single video. The last step is sharing it with the world! We think the worldwide taiko community is kinda unbeatable and we want the final video to celebrate both our individuality and our connectedness. Have fun with it and let those creative juices run wild! The deadline to get your submissions in is June 20th, 2018.

Some guiding principles…

  • *Taiko-related is a loose term, don’t let it squash your creativity. Starter ideas:
    • Play on a taiko at your rehearsal space
    • Play on a taiko outside of your rehearsal space with a sunset backdrop
    • Air bachi in the middle of London’s cool and hip Shoreditch neighborhood
    • Air bachi while snorkeling, while skydiving…but not while operating heavy machinery
    • “Steering-wheel drum hero” on your morning commute (camera person req’d!)
    • Film your cat or your macacque vibin’ to Shoji’s unmistakably smooth grooves
  • If possible, include some b-roll of your Taiko Life. Starter ideas for this are:
    • Tying your shoes on your way out the door to practice
    • Putting bachi in your bachi bag
    • Packing taiko into bags, then trying to fit those bags into your vehicle
    • Running frantically from the bus because you are late to practice
    • Maintenance and care of your happi, tabi or whatever you wear
    • Carrying your okedo on the bus to and from practice
  • Consider “location” as a character in your video, like your favorite local landmark.
    • Of course we don’t mind seeing the inside of your house, but we also want to be able to “place” some of these videos across the world. It’s a great way to show off the best parts of where you live!

The (slightly boring) technical details…

  • Download the WorldWide Matsuri MP3.
  • Use your digital camera or phone to capture the video
  • Film yourself with the audio track playing to make the editing job easier.
  • Don’t fret about the audio that you capture on your video, we may or may not use it.
  • Any type of video file is fine, just make sure your clip is less than 1GB. Your file will most likely be around 200-400MB.
  • The deadline for submissions is June 20th, 2018.
  • Upload your file(s) via this form: