Odaiko Basics Lesson 9


Lesson 9 is the last lesson in our Odaiko Basics course! In this lesson Kenny Endo and I demonstrate a two person arrangement of his piece Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku. It’s very easy to arrange the piece for a larger group simply add more people to either part A or part B and determine the solo order. If your group performs this piece let us know! We love it when we see groups perform these kaDON pieces! If you have any final questions about the arrangement or any part of the piece feel free to reach out to us at info@kadon.com.

Up Next: Ready Set kaDON!

Next week we’ll start a new course: Ready Set kaDON! This piece is based on patterns that we are covered in the Beta Basics course. In the video I refer to this piece as a beginning level piece but upon further thought and conversation it’s more of an advanced beginner or intermediate level piece. I still think it’s quite doable after going through the Beta Basics series but the arrangement is more intricate than is normal for a beginning level piece.