kaDON Practice Party!

Are you craving some fun, casual practice time with your taiko friends from across the globe? kaDON Practice Party is just what you are looking for! Join Diana to practice your favorite kaDON pieces while you connect with fellow subscribers! kaDON Practice Party is exclusive for subscribers and will be offered at no extra cost. We will kick off kaDON Practice Party with ‘Wa No Ichi’ and ‘Ei Ja Nai Ka,’ so brush up on the pieces and sign up to join the party!

Quick Facts about kaDON Practice Party:

  • Who can join? This is exclusively available for kaDON subscribers
  • What is the cost? $0. These sessions are entirely free for our subscribers!
  • What are we playing? kaDON repertoire, starting with ‘Wa No Ichi’ and ‘Ei Ja Nai Ka’
  • How do I learn the songs? Watch the kaDON courses!
  • Do I need to know the songs well to join in? Nope! Just come and jam along. We are aiming for casual, fun and motivating!
  • When does this start? February 25
  • How often do we meet? Once a week for four weeks to start! Sessions start at 9:30am Pacific Time (see below for other time zones). Join for just 30 minutes or the full hour!
  • Do I need to register? Yes, register here so we know who to expect!
  • Do I need a kaDON TimbreTaiko? Nope, but a kPP will be more fun with a kTT 🙂
Message from Diana

“So you’ve gone through a number of the kaDON repertoire courses and had a ton of fun learning from each incredible instructor……but now, you just want a kickstart to keep practicing those pieces. Even more so, you want to practice with someone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to play the ji for you, or play Part B while you play Part A, or yell “Ei Ja Nai Ka!” while you go “A-SORE, A-SORE?” Well guess what! For a short time, I’ll be hosting a ‘kaDON Practice Party’ where we’ll simply run through pieces or parts of pieces, and just have a grand old time. For the first 30 minutes, we’ll focus on one specific kaDON piece and then for the second 30-minutes, we’ll do another. So feel free to join for half or the whole hour, whatever fits your schedule!

Want to join, but don’t know the piece well enough yet? Well then, this is perfect for you! Casual, fun, and motivating is what we’re going for here. And if you all like it and want more, then why not!”  – Diana

About Diana Wu

Having discovered taiko in 2006 at UC Berkeley’s Cal Raijin Taiko (then Cal Taiko), Diana Wu founded Naruwan Taiko of San Diego because of the powerful way taiko connects people and promotes self-discovery. Diana has been involved with various projects in the taiko community through roles such as Chair of the Host Committee for North American Taiko Conference 2017 and was a selected participant of Roots of Kodo, a deep immersion apprenticeship-like program for people outside of Japan. She was also a featured artist at HERbeat, the first taiko concert starring women taiko artists from all over the world.


kaDON Practice Party Session 1 Thursday, February 25th
kaDON Practice Party Session 2 Thursday, March 4th
kaDON Practice Party Session 3 Thursday, March 11th
kaDON Practice Party Session 4 Thursday, March 18th

All sessions are one hour starting at:
9:30 AM PT (Los Angeles)
10:30 AM MT (Denver)
11:30 AM CT (Chicago)
12:30 PM ET (Toronto/New York)
5:30 PM (London)
6:30 PM (Madrid)
2:30 AM (Tokyo + 1 day)
4:30 AM (Sydney + 1 day)

What You Need

A practice set up! Get your kaDON TimbreTaiko (kTT) or practice pad or pillow set up in a way that you can play and have appropriate bachi to use. Use headphones attached to your computer so you can listen and play along. If you have a kaDON TimbreTaiko you can connect your kTT to your computer and then your headphones to the kTT so that you can listen and play along!

Sign Up

This event is free for kaDON subscribers. Please sign in to see the sign up link here. Not a kaDON subscriber yet? Join in on the fun by signing up for a subscription plan!

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