About Masaru

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Masaru Tsuji enrolled in the Kodo Apprentice Centre after finishing high school and stayed on as full member of Kodo’s performing ensemble until 2016. While at Kodo, Masaru performed at over 1,900 venues both in and outside of Japan. He is known for his ability to produce the most elegant timbre on taiko and for his impeccable hearing, as well as for his vocal and dance performance.
Since leaving Kodo in 2016, Masaru has been developing his solo career as a taiko artist and instructor based in Tokyo. To date, he has collaborated with a variety of genres on international stages including kabuki, kyogen, orchestra, rock band, ballet, and gamelan artist to name a few.
Masaru is currently an instructor at Hibikus Yokohama, a Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten taiko school in Japan.