New Hibikus Course: Uteya-Hayaseya

“Uteya-Hayaseya” is a composition by Tsuyoshi Maeda based on the lively syncopated rhythm. In this course, Tsuyoshi will teach you the piece focusing on two of the parts: Nagado and the Okedo/Shime set parts. Please refer to the Full Score to challenge yourself to learn the other parts.

The parts he teaches do not have too many fast, intricate rhythms, but has many spacious “ma” built in where Tsuyoshi features big body movements and arm swings. “Rhythm” is of course an important aspect of taiko, but “physicality” is also as important. Moving emotions lead to movements. Tsuyoshi believes that taiko is not just a musical form, but also packed with peoples wishes and prayers, as well as love for someone or something that they hold dear. In our daily lives, we may feel or experience joy and affection, and at times, anger or sadness. These real emotions within you move your heart and become physical movement and finally turn into sounds. Through this piece, Tsuyoshi hopes you can experiment with such an approach to taiko.

Think of the movements and bachi swinging presented in this course as one option amongst many possibilities. If your heart takes to you move differently, that’s totally OK! Feel free to make your own arrangements and enjoy!