New Hibikus Course: Uteya-Hayaseya

“Uteya-Hayaseya” is a composition by Tsuyoshi Maeda based on the lively syncopated rhythm. In this course, Tsuyoshi will teach you the piece focusing on two of the parts: Nagado and the Okedo/Shime set parts. Please refer to the Full Score … Continued

New Hibikus Course: Three Drills with Amanojaku

Taiko Shudan Amanojak leader, Yoichi Watanabe, presents a series of practice drills by introducing sections from Amanojaku’s signature pieces “Tasuki,” “Bujin” and “Matsuri de Wasshoi!” He hopes that these video lessons will remind us of the true joy of playing … Continued

New Course: Shogo’s Approach to Fue

In this course Shogo delves into his approach to shinobue from breath technique and posture to ‘Uchiyubi’ and ‘Korogashi’. In the final lesson Shogo demonstrates his approach to timbre and ‘Neiro’ and gives a fantastic demonstration of the expressive qualities … Continued

New Hibikus Course: Danran

‘Danran’ means ‘something circular’, as well as ‘gathering happily with people close to you.’ Taiko has a circular hitting surface, and this song comes from the wish to gather around it and have fun playing with the people we love. … Continued

New Course: Wa no Ichi

Join kaDON instructor Kaoly Asano for “Wa no Ichi”. The piece is a great way to begin learning Kaoly’s groove style, where energy is driven by the tanden and movements. The course will also have opportunities to use your voice when learning patterns such as the Sun and Moon Phrase. These phrases, though different, are meant to play in harmony with each other; thus, this piece is also a helpful way to train yourself and your team to listen to surrounding parts and develop a stronger ability to play together.

New Hibikus Course: Three Drills with Masaru Tsuji

Adding a metronome to your practice routine is always useful. In this drill series, Hibikus instructor Masaru Tsuji introduces an advanced method using the metronome on the up beats to sharpen your sense of timing. Keep the kuchishoga going throughout and gradually … Continued