Odaiko Basics Lesson 7


This week we released Kenny Endo’s Odaiko Basics Lesson 7 which focuses on finishing the patterns used in Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku. Next week we’ll upload Lesson 8 which will introduce soloing and improvisation on the odaiko. After that we’ll put it all together and demonstrate a two person arrangement of the piece!

Lesson Resources for Lion Chant

We’ve had a few inquires about the score and lesson resources for Lion Chant and wanted to let everybody know that they are being worked on now and will be uploaded in the near future! The production of the lesson resources lags behind the release of the videos by a couple of months. For all of you waiting thank you for your patience and we’ll have the resources finished soon. In the meantime feel free to contact me or the other instructors at info@kadon.com with any questions you have about Lion Chant or any of the other content.

Last Week for Shime Daiko Giveaway Contest!

This is the last week to enter the 2014 Year-End Shime Daiko Giveaway Contest! The application is very easy and we’ve had some great entries! The person with correct answers to the multiple choice questions and the most answer to the bonus question will be selected as the winner. You have until 11:59pm on Sunday December 28th to enter!

Happy Practicing and Happy Holidays!