Introducing the New “Neiro” Hirado Taiko

The Neiro Hirado Taiko is the result of legendary Miyamoto Craftsmanship. The body is made from premium quality Honkeyaki (Japanese Zelkova) and carefully carved thin in order to enhance the drum’s warmth and resonance. The thick skin of the Neiro Hirado offers a wide range of tones and is a perfect complement to any taiko set. The innovative new stand design and compact size also make it an ideal personal practice taiko. 


– The innovative Triangle Stand design allows all parts to be disassembled making it the ultimate portable taiko (patent pending)

– The Neiro Hirado comes with a stand and a carry case

– The Kan (handle) is a single-piece die-cut, so no more rattling sound over time

– Light and portable



Diameter: 1.25-shaku (38cm/15”)

Body Height: 26cm (10”)

Floor to Hitting Surface: 80cm (31.5” – adjustable with leather belt)



Neiro Hirado Taiko:  $1,800.00

Triangle Stand:  $300.00

Carry Case:  $400.00

Save with a Complete Set (Taiko+Stand+Case):  $2,400.00

*Shipping charge not included in price.  Sales tax applies to CA residents. 


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