Check Out Our New kaDON Uchiwa Clamp

The kaDON Team and Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten artisans have jointly designed and developed a versatile instrument that can take your taiko playing to the next level. Whether you want a “real” practice drum of your own or want to add more flavor to your taiko set, this affordable innovation is sure to open up more possibilities!

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The kaDON Uchiwa Clamp is...


  • Fits any standard cymbal stands (we recommend Yamaha CS755 or CS745 model)
  • Adjusts to any angle or height
  • Fits different Uchiwa sizes

Great for Performance or Practice:

  • Practice Shime, Beta or Naname style
  • Great supplemental tone for taiko set playing
  • Great to feature as an all uchiwa set


  • Much cheaper than traditional taiko
  • Only replace Uchiwa head when needed

Easy Storage & Transportation:

  • Light weight
  • Easy assembly – all you need is a drum key! (included with purchase)
  • Collapsible = compact storage