Eri Uchida kaDON Instructor


About Eri

A professional taiko performer in Japan for over 10 years, Eri Uchida was immediately touched by the strong connection that taiko had on the community when she watched the taiko performances at San Jose Obon in the USA. As a performing member of KODO, she was aware of the power of taiko on stage, but this experience revealed to her that taiko carried potential beyond being simply a musical instrument. Eri wanted to further explore the question of “Why does taiko make us feel so fulfilled?” With this in mind and in collaboration with Sydney Shiroyama (Occupational Therapist), Eri came up with TaikoIN’, a concept that would explore 4 intentions (interconnected, in the moment, inspiring, inclusive) to grow an accepting community rooted in the philosophy and practice of taiko.
As an instructor, Eri has broken down all she has learned as a professional taiko player into the most basic elements in order to make it more accessible and shareable for taiko learners. Her goal is to help people discover and develop the unique abilities that they already possess. Thus, many students value her teaching style because of her ability to communicate concepts in a way that is more hands-on and easy to absorb. In 2020, Eri was one of the first kaDON LIVE instructors and taught these holistic concepts entirely on-line to students from all over the globe.

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