About Amanojaku

Founded by Yoichi Watanabe in 1986, Tokyo-based Taiko Shudan Amanojaku explores the ideal sound of wadaiko and aims to establish new sounds by incorporating modern elements into traditional performing arts. At the base are the Japanese spirit and the essence of Edomae attitude, the rhythmic sensibilities Watanabe learned from Latin music, and highly sophisticated techniques. The ever-changing stage of Amanojaku takes the audience to a unique world that embodies all of these aspects.

Amanojaku has toured as a professional taiko group in over 50 countries including Latin America and Europe and has gained overwhelming followings. The troupe is also highly regarded in Japan and continues to appear at numerous festivals, performance venues, and on TV programs.

Watanabe has dedicated his teachings to the next generation and has produced many winners of national taiko contests. In recognition of his strong leadership skills as a leading taiko instructor, he was appointed in 2003 as the Special Advisor and “Japan Cultural Envoy” by the Japan Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Watanabe and members of Amanojaku teach at Hibikus Yokohama, a Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten taiko school in Japan.

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