In this introductory course, Shogo Yoshii teaches the basics of Yoko Uchi from how the body is used and its relation to the traditional Japanese culture, to the history of Hachijo.  Using phrases and grooves from Hachijo Taiko, Shogo explores each components in detail. By the end of the course you will have learned many phrases, long enough to play as a song when put together!

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Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 1 – Introduction and Basic Strike 17:26

Introduction to basic yoko uchi strikes explained through the somesthesis that developed over the course of history in Japan and how traditional Japanese performing arts were closely related to the daily lives of the people.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 2 – Japanese Intonation and Taiko 18:12

Shogo explores examples of Japanese intonation and how it can be translated into taiko playing.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 3 – Hachijo Rhythms 35:50 Free Lesson

What was taught in Lessons 1 and 2 are put into action by using the phrases from Hachijo Taiko. History of Hachijo Island and Hachijo Taiko is also explained in detail.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 4 – Atama-uchi and Ura-uchi 22:56

In this lesson, Shogo introduces the concept of Atama-uchi (downbeat) and Ura-uchi (upbeat) by using the phrases learned in Lesson 3.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 5 – Atama-uchi and Ura-uchi Variations 27:06

Shogo introduces more variations appropriate to the downbeat (Atama-uchi) and the upbeat (Ura-uchi) while exploring the Dondoko basebeat (Shitabyoshi) in depth.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 6 – Fuchi Phrases 30:35

Variety of fuchi (rim) rhythms and phrases are introduced in Lesson 6. Everything is combined together at the end as a short section to a piece which Shogo continues to build on.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 7 – Building Up the Tempo + Tobasute 25:38

In Lesson 7, you will learn techniques on how to build up the tempo on fuchi, as well as incorporating “Tobasute” – rhythms with more spaces in between – within the fast tempo setup. Combining what we’ve learned so far becomes more and more like a piece.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 8 – Understanding the Shitabyoshi 19:11

We turn our focus onto the base beat (Shitabyoshi) in this lesson including which side of the drum to use, how to place the stand, the grips and the groove. Shogo also goes deep into the history of the Hachijo style that we are used to seeing today.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 9 – Shitabyoshi Variation: Honbataki and Shabataki 14:29

In this lesson Shogo introduces two variations of Shitabyoshi from Hachijo Taiko: Honbataki and Shabataki, and how the base beat transitions from one to the other. He also shares his practice techniques and ends the lesson with an improvisational solo.

Intro to Yoko Uchi – Lesson 10 – Different Approach to Yoko Uchi and Improvisation Basics 23:50

Shogo shares different approaches to playing the Yoko Uchi style including how to handle the bachi. Useful tools to improve your improvisation skills is introduced in detail in this final lesson. Enjoy the grand improvisation finale performance at the end!!

Course Resources

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