Introduction to Edo Bayashi with Eien Hunter-Is

Instructor Profile Eien Hunter-Ishikawa is a musician, educator, and composer specializing in taiko, shinobue, and percussion. Recognized for his musicianship and versatility, he integrates his background of jazz, Western percussion, and traditional Japanese music to create an original and inventive … Continued

kaDON LIVE Community Series: Tucson Ondo

Workshop Description Since first performing at the 2005 finale of Tucson’s iconic All Souls Procession (ASP), Odaiko Sonora has expanded its role, eventually creating an obon-style team of drums, fue and dancers at the front of the Procession, with people … Continued

New Hibikus Course: Mitsuuchi Renshukyoku

Kunihiro Kawahara teaches the Mitsuuchi practice piece composed by Toshiaki Nomoto, director of Hiryu Hachiman Taiko in Fukuoka, Japan. Mitsuuchi, or horse beat, is one of the most essential rhythms used in the taiko repertoire of Japan that they often … Continued

New Hibikus Course: Uteya-Hayaseya

“Uteya-Hayaseya” is a composition by Tsuyoshi Maeda based on the lively syncopated rhythm. In this course, Tsuyoshi will teach you the piece focusing on two of the parts: Nagado and the Okedo/Shime set parts. Please refer to the Full Score … Continued

New Hibikus Course: Three Drills with Amanojaku

Taiko Shudan Amanojak leader, Yoichi Watanabe, presents a series of practice drills by introducing sections from Amanojaku’s signature pieces “Tasuki,” “Bujin” and “Matsuri de Wasshoi!” He hopes that these video lessons will remind us of the true joy of playing … Continued