Baseline price is USD $450 per participant which includes the following:

  • Artistic leadership from Shogo Yoshii & Shoji Kameda
  • Lodging in a 4-person room (upgrades available during registration!)
  • 5 full delicious meals prepared onsite (Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast)
  • 340 autumnal acres of Wisconsin’s backcountry

Additional Options (you’ll see these when you step through registration!):

  • +$25 to upgrade from a 4-person room to a 2-person room
  • +$50 to upgrade to single room – Only 5 rooms available – first come, first served)
  • +$35 roundtrip shuttle transportation to/from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MKE Int’l Airport)
  • +$50 roundtrip shuttle transportation to/from Chicago, Illinois (ORD Int’l Airport)
The retreat is focused on building strong personal connections through shared taiko experiences. From the event’s location to the workshop leaders to the actual schedule of activities, we are intentional about every detail.

Depth…a lot of depth. We are going to focus on song-learning and the exploration of “depth” within a piece of music. We are excited that the kaDON repertoire continues to expand and we will use both new and existing kaDON compositions to focus our work over the weekend. Shoji and Shogo are prolific composers in their own right and we can’t wait for you to spend some serious time working directly with the composers!

Shogo Yoshii Workshops

Shogo’s workshops will center around a brand-new minyo style (Japanese folk/tribal music) composition as well as on Yoko Uchi (Hachijo Taiko style). The festive minyo piece will involve taiko, atarigane, dance and singing (kakeai) that will be taught for the first time ever at the 2018 kaDON FALL RETREAT! Shogo has traveled the Japanese countryside to study folk music and has extensive knowledge of minyo. One of his goals is to let the participants reconnect with nature and cultivate one’s sensibility through breathing and body exercises.

Shoji Kameda Workshops

Shoji’s workshops will focus on finding depth within kaDON’s existing repertoire. If pattern memorization is step one, how many steps beyond the first are we able to achieve? What types of “depth” does a musician explore in a composition? As a group member, a composer, or a group leader…what do you think about when you are preparing a song? We will announce the specific song to registered participants and we encourage participants to memorize the music before they arrive to maximize the impact of the session.

Each participant will take the exact same workshops. For experienced fue players, there will be an opt-in “kaDON ONDO” song learning session for the song’s fue melody, we are considering adding a fue learning session for experienced fue players. This will be a song-learning session intended for practiced players. During registration, please indicate if you would be interested in joining this workshop. There is no additional fee for the fue workshop.

Officially Begins: Friday, October 19th at 5pm (Registration from 2pm to 7pm)
Officially Ends: Sunday, October 21st at 12pm

Under many lesson videos, you will find a link “Lesson Resources (zip)” where you can find the resources you are looking for.  Click on the Lesson Resources (zip) link and it should download automatically.  Lesson Resources are usually released after each course has been released in its entirety only because it takes a bit longer to put them all together.  Currently, the Lesson Resources are available for Beta Basics, Intro to Shime Daiko, and Fue Fundamentals.  Lion Chant resources will be uploaded very soon!

Sure, lodging first. Our awesome retreat center is outfitted with centrally-heated 4-person rooms, 2-person rooms and a very small handful of single apartments all within walking distance from the food hall and the artistic venues. The 4-person room is included in the cost of registration. If available when you register, you can also choose to upgrade your lodging situation by choosing the 2-person room option (+$25) or the 1-person room option (+$50, only 5 available).

As for food, the retreat center will staff the kitchen and we’ll be working diligently on meal planning in the coming months. The center has a great menu, so look forward to re-energizing heartily between sessions. The 5 meals listed below are included in the cost of registration. You have an option to bring your own food or snacks to supplement the included meal plan, however, because the retreat center observes kashrut (Jewish religious dietary laws), outside food is not allowed into the kitchen or dining hall.

  • Friday – Dinner
  • Saturday – Breakfast // Lunch // Dinner
  • Sunday – Breakfast

The actual address for the retreat center is 1802 Co Rd J, Mukwonago, WI 53149 and the official name is Perlman Retreat Center. We will have shuttle options from Chicago and Milwaukee following the below schedule that you may elect during registration for an additional fee.

  • Chicago shuttle departs from O’Hare (ORD) Int’l Airport at 2pm CDT.
  • Milwaukee shuttle departs from Milwaukee (MKE) Int’l Airport at 3pm CDT.

It was important for us to hold this retreat in the Midwest since the bulk of the North American taiko conferences, retreats and workshops are held on the coasts. Secondly, we wanted to surround ourselves with the beauty and serenity of nature as a way to bring focus, intention and inspiration to the retreat’s activities. Lake Beulah in Mukwonago is nestled on 340 beautiful wooded acres with some of Wisconsin’s best preserved kettles and moraines – the perfect spot for a taiko getaway!

Yes! We will have a marketplace at the retreat and in late August will begin taking pre-orders that can be picked up at the retreat. Shipping charge is waived for all pre-orders. We’ll send a note to registrants when the pre-order window opens. You can browse the kaDON store ( or request items Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten’s entire catalog by emailing We have access to Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten’s entire catalog!