In this course, instructor Kaoru Watanabe teaches his approach to learning how to improvise on the Fue. Topics include simple scale exercises, arhythmic soloing, advanced rhythmic structures, compositional improvisation, and many others.

Fue Improv – Lesson 1 – Introduction 23:47

In this course Kaoru introduces the idea of pentatonic scales and how to use these scales to improvise.

Fue Improv – Lesson 2 – Playing Around a Melody 13:36

In this lesson Kaoru introduces a new pentatonic scale and uses the melody Sakura Sakura to demonstrate different improvisational techniques.

Fue Improv – Lesson 3 – Improvising a Melody 23:33

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates how to approach improvising a melody and creating moods.

Fue Improv – Lesson 4 – Extended Techniques 18:22

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates different useful extended techniques that help expand the range and timbre of the fue.

Fue Improv – Lesson 5 – Tonguing 7:16

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates how to use different tonguing techniques on the shinobue.

Fue Improv – Lesson 6 – Rhythmic Improvisation Part 1 18:31

In this lesson Kaoru demonstrates a basic approach to improvising in a rhythmic way with the fue.